Legendary Musicians In the Gambling Scene

Gambling and the music industry have a lot in common, and they’ve been known to go hand in hand. That’s why most cities with a vibrant nightlife also host leading casinos and gambling establishments. There is also a good number of legendary musicians who enjoyed gambling and had access to huge amounts of money. Some of them had contracts with major casinos in Vegas, allowing them to enjoy the best games as they performed.

Here are some of the top music legends who would applaud at the chance to place a wager at the Betway casino:

Gladys Knight

Glady’s Night is among the few legendary female musicians who have attained the celebrity gambler status, and she’s also known for her contribution to soul music. The American songwriter and singer enjoyed sports betting and casino games, with her favourite being baccarat. 

Jay Z

In a world where R&B and Hip Hop are witnessing a rise in rappers with lots of aspirations to become rich and famous, it’s not surprising that top names in the industry love gambling. Jay Z is one of the legendary musicians in this market who loves high-stake betting thanks to his huge fortune.  The Hip Hop king and Roc Nation founder is pretty big on betting, and his favourite games are blackjack and poker. Take a look at the Betway online casino today to try out these games.

Scott Ian

The famous rhythm guitarist and vocalist loved to gamble, and his interests in the industry were evident in his many interviews. Scott spent a significant amount of his leisure time playing poker, even pursuing a professional career playing his favourite game. In one of his interviews, he applauded technology for allowing him to find a way to juggle poker with his music career.

Scott’s interest in poker started while he was still a child, but he decided to take it seriously in 2016. His decision was inspired by his first major victory at the VH1 Rock & Roll Tournament, where he played celebrities like Dusty Hill, Sully Ema and Ace Frehley.

Lemmy Kilmister

The late frontman Motorhead was popular for having an easy-going altitude, a hoarse voice and his love for whisky and coke cocktails. When not in studio or busy touring, Lemmy spent a significant amount of his spare time at his favourite bar, where he also enjoyed gambling. 

Unlike Scott Ian who liked playing card games, Lemmy wasn’t into blackjack or poker. He spent his time at the slot machines while taking his favorite drink of whisky and coke cocktail. That went well with his character as it allowed him to meet new people from different backgrounds.

Cee-Lo Green

Popularly known as Cee-Lo Green, Thomas DeCarlo Callaways has all the marks of a person who loves taking chances in life. In fact, his stage name (Cee-Lo) is inspired by gambling. However, he never publicly discussed his gambling life. Nonetheless, he gives out the air of a person ready to dive into a career full of unknowns and a very slim chance of success.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a significant number of musicians who can’t hide their love for gambling. Though what drives them remains a mystery, their taste for a chance at the unknown is a common denominator for them. As such, many of them visit local casinos for their favourite games, while others play online.

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