Sports Betting in Zambia Hits New High

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Sports Betting in ZambiaLike in most African countries, all forms of gambling are becoming popular and widespread in Zambia. However, the sports betting market is particularly taking the lead in a country where the traditional economic activities are tourism and mining. Today, lotteries, land-based casinos and bookmakers like Betway are all legal in the country following the 1992 Casino act and the amended 1994 Betting Control Act.

While most betting activities are regulated in Zambia, online regulations haven’t been formalized, and there’s no operating license required. That has contributed to the huge growth in the sector, though that has left Zambia with the same challenges faced by most of their African neighbors. These problems include gambling addiction, customer mistreatment and underage betting.

To curb the problem in the growing Zambian sports betting market, regulations will need to be maintained and enforced, especially in the online sector. Currently, the country’s sports betting market is cutthroat, with only several companies standing out. Experts attribute that to bigger marketing budgets, better strategies, and superior business models.

Marketing Strategy Impact

Today, most Zambian sports bookies are directing their money to advertise since that’s where they are reaping the most benefits and also because they have deep pockets.  As such, the size of their expenditure is a solid indicator of their market share, regardless of the number of years they’ve been operating in the country.

One of the best examples is the Betway Zambia betting operator. This bookie is relatively new to the market, but they have a superb marketing strategy packed with radio, television, and billboard adverts. They also have a strong online presence that’s helping them reach to the younger generation, who are more likely to place wagers.

Successful Business Models

Along with powerful marketing campaigns, the most successful sports bookies in Zambia are showing great business administration skills and innovation. Operators like Betway now have outlets at malls and kiosks to complement their online services, and their offerings are also available in multiple languages. Their creative bonuses and promotions are also driving sales.

BetPawa is another major operator in Zambia that has been enticing punters with the largest bonuses on the market, and their biggest winners get published in the newspapers. Some like Bola Bet are Brick-and-mortar operators who have started moving in the online space, seeking to grow their business.

Competition Is Beneficial To Customers

As more bookmakers try to penetrate the Zambian betting market or expand their market share, you can expect the competition to increase significantly. That stimulates growth, and most bookmakers choose to offer better odds to gain an edge over the others. This growth benefits the punters and increases their chances of making profits.

While it’s still unclear who will dominate the Zambian gambling industry in the next decade, the clear winners are the country’s citizens and the punters. However, there’s an urgent need for proper regulation to protect the customers from exploitation and ensure that the gambling taxes collected are properly spent. Nonetheless, the growth of the sports betting industry could boost the Zambian economy considerably.

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