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Rudeboy – Nkenji Keke

Rudeboy Nkenji Keke
Rudeboy – Nkenji Keke

Paul Okoye a.k.a Rudeboy begins his solo career with the release of this new single titled “Nkenji Keke”.

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This comes after Peter Okoye (Mr P) released his own solo single titled ‘Cool It Down‘ a few weeks ago.

This breakup is real!

Listen and share your thoughts below.

Rudeboy – Nkenji Keke MP3

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  1. yea, i always love to hear your voice because it touches my heart a lot, but i must tell you the truth i am not happy to see you guys split it make’s me cry at times no matter what, try to make peace with your brother because millions of souls have been affected ever since you guys are no more together. please i can’t live to see the love and what you guys have planted inside me with your songs run out from me.

  2. Am in love with the song ” nkenji keke” . its inexplicably beautiful but please in d name of God Almighty, forgive your brother and come back as one. Everyone makes mistakes, we are not perfect. Expect the worse from people u love but that doesn’t mean u let go of family bond, your twin brother. Just do this for d sake of God Almighty, your parents, your selves and fans out there.I believe he still loves u. Its all a thing of d mind, just work it out.

  3. The song is pretty cool but What we knows you guys is P square. Not Rude boy or Mr. P. It is hard time you guys let everything go n come back together.

    What are u two teaching other twice outside there.

  4. Beautiful craft, beautiful mind!
    I respect and salute your talent, but…
    I first fell in love with you as Paul of Psquare and I think I prefer to keep seeing you so.
    I know the pain of losing the love shared between brothers so I hate to see it reoccur anywhere else.
    Please in God’s Name, you guys should get it over with!
    No matter the hits you both garner as solo artists, we will always prefer you as PSQUARE!
    Greater Grace Man!

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