Dremo calls out fans who criticize Nigerian rappers


Dremo calls out fans who criticizes Nigerian rappers

Multi-talented artist, Dremo has taken it upon himself to call out fans who criticizes Nigerian rappers.

The “Kpa” crooner further took to his Twitter handle: @dremodrizzy with a series of tweets to call out such fans.

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He wrote, “Our Nigerian rappers don’t rap much” yen yen yen, but you show more love to other rappers in other countries !! I dropped an EP of 9 tracks ! 5 raps songs and remaining 4 was the soft singing vibes ! But I still see some people that call themselves “Dremo fans”

“Hitting me with shit like , “why did you stop rapping?” Then I go “did you listen to CNV1” then they go “Errrrm” shut your errrmm ass up! You are not a fan if you only follow what you see on your tv screen.”

Finally, his “Codename Volume 2” EP is in works and is set to drop this summer.

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