Falz slams Kano State governor for arrest of AGY

Falz slams Kano State governor for arrest of AGY

Falz, who is known for speaking out is on a mission to seek justice for a northern singer who dissed Kano State Governor on a song.

However, the singer, AGY was sentenced to two years in prison for bad-mouthing the Governor of Kano State, in a song.

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He further took to his Instagram handle: @falzthebahdguy to address the issue with a post and a caption that read;

“HATE to see stuff like this! This is 2019. Any individual who feels defamed by any statement made by another person can sue for libel or slander under the law of defamation.

It is shameful to see public officers using the machinery of the state to harass citizens and attempting to hinder our inalienable freedom of expression. 

Anyone who knows the musician Mohammed Yusuf personally should please get in touch with me. We NEED to contend this unjust sentence. #JusticeForMohammed.”

Due to this revelation a lot of his fans and also celebrities were willing to support him.

See post below:

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