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How DJ Mixes on Mdundo Save You Money and Data

How DJ Mixes on Mdundo Save You Money and Data

How DJ Mixes on Mdundo Save You Money and Data

Only about 3-5% of the world population reacts negatively to music.

People listen to music every day. Whether it is to contain feelings, reminisce, exercise, celebrate, relax or sleep, music is largely part of people’s culture and identity. There is always suitable music for any feeling, mood or occasion.

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Every week, especially on Fridays, there are several new music releases across the continent. What this means is that, as a music lover, it is ideal to want to experience the excitement and good vibes that come from listening to these new songs.

However, some of us, well, a very good number of us are limited by data subscriptions as this puts a cap on how much we can stay online. Well, good news, not on MDUNDO!!! Don’t stop reading πŸ˜‰.

It has been established that data usage of 320Kbps corresponds to approximately 2.40 MB of audio per minute or 115.2 MB per hour. As a result, streaming music for an entire 8-hour workday would consume nearly 1GB of data. With this in mind,youur DJ Mixes are curated in a highly targeted way to give you the maximum value for what you pay. How?

Top 3 Record Label DJ Mixes to Download on Mdundo

A mix on Mdundo contains between 10-20 songs from top and trending artists, and the best part is that these mixes are always less than 10MB saving you data and eventually money as you enjoy unlimited access to songs playlists, and albums from your favoruite artists for only N50 per week!

What this means is that in a month, you’ll be spending just 200 Naira and with that you will be able to listen and download unlimited number of mixes from our website to your device. Don’t you feel like subscribing already?

Click the link – https://mdundo.ws/edu_ng, it would take you to the page as shown below: –

There are no hidden costs for this subscription.

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